• The hunt shall commence from 6:00 PM IST 19th July, 2019 to 9:00 PM IST 21st July, 2019.
  • The event encompasses an Online Cryptic Treasure Hunt in which participants must make their way through a series of cryptic levels.
  • The participants aim is to crack the levels as quickly as they can so as to place themselves at the top of the leaderboard.
  • At each level, the participants will encounter a number of clues which shall all, together, point to one answer. Each level has one correct answer.
  • Official clues may be released on the Facebook page if and when deemed necessary by the admins.
  • Answers will always be lower-case, alphanumeric and will contain no spaces. Special characters are allowed. For example, if the answer is Elon Musk, you would type it in as “elonmusk”.
  • Every clue in the question is important. If they werent important, they wouldnt be there
  • Beware of the spelling you enter, we are not autocorrect.